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Medical Billing

SERVICE is the most important aspect of our MEDICAL BILLING business. We are here to respond to any and all of your MEDICAL BILLING questions and requests.

OMEGA prides itself on the quality of the data entry. The accuracy with which we enter your claim data from the Data Transmittal Form is of the highest caliber and is the cornerstone for us in providing you with an excellent service.

The System

Our system is EASY to use. The DATA TRANSMITTAL FORM has been designed with distinct columns to prompt you for each piece of data that could be required in submitting a claim for payment.

OMEGA keeps you totally informed and in control of your billing with THREE REPORTS.

The Reports

CLAIMS SUBMISSION REPORT: shows the claims submitted to MSP.

REMITTANCE RECONCILIATION REPORT: shows the claims that have been paid or refused by MSP.

OUTSTANDING CLAIMS RECEIVABLE REPORT: shows the claims that are being held by MSP.

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Tel: 604-321-8486